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Technology Solutions

Our Technology Philosophy


We believe in the complexity of providing a simple systems to meet your needs. It is important to us that the user experience is simple and intuitive.


We collaborate with experts and trusted advisors all over the world to ensure the best knowledge and most up to date practices are used.


Our solutions provide comprehensive and informative systems to assist in day to day processes.


We use the latest technologies to provide cutting edge solutions for our Clients.

Our systems ensure confidence in transport operations management and service delivery, and provides client certainty in system effectiveness


The Rail LinQ Management System manages planned and unplanned emergency transport replacement with the ability to monitor vehicle locations and provide detailed reporting.

Rail LinQ Management System


Provides an end-to-end transport bookings management system including vehicle tracking.

Fleet Management System


The Rail LinQ Driver App supports drivers during Planned and Unplanned emergency events by providing visual turn by turn navigation using custom-built compliant bus safe routes.

Rail LinQ Driver Application


Providing an easy to use interface, our fleet driver mobile application can be used on Android and Ios devices to provide drivers guidance with Bus Safe navigation.

Fleet Driver Application


The Rail LinQ ITS is a complimenting training system designed to support rail network managers in delivering training across multiple operators and locations to deliver a clear and consistent message.

Rail LinQ Integrated Training System

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