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Metro Trains Melbourne

Rail Replacement Management System (RRMS)

Overview of Project 

The recent renewal of the Melbourne Metropolitan Rail Franchise agreement between the State of Victoria and Metro Trains Melbourne (MTM) created the requirement for a technology platform to manage rail replacement (bus) operations throughout the Greater Melbourne rail network as Government and MTM transition into the 4th generation of privatised rail services.

The Challenge

Not only did WCLMS have the challenge of Metro Trains Melbourne prescribing highly detailed KPI's and reporting capabilities designed to enhance visibility of emergency and pre-planned transport operations, the development of the RRMS represented a fundamental change to operating practices within the MTM and in turn sub-contacting vehicle providers.


The Solution

  • A web based portal with the capabilities to create and manage pre-planned and emergency occupations.

  • Providing Bus-Safe route mapping for Stopping all Stations, Limited Express and Express Routes with maps integrated into the RRMS.

  • Delivery of a GPS tracking solution to monitor buses which inputs ETA and live tracking data straight to the web portal. 

  • Delivery of a navigation system via a mobile application to ensure all vehicles comply with the designated routes.

  • Compatible with both Android and iOS devices

  • Complex reporting functionalities such as passenger count, location status, dispatch summaries and bus hours. All having the ability to export via PDF & Excel

  • Delivery of online training for all RRMS components and providing RRMS training manuals as supporting documentation

  • Delivery of Driver Break Functionality within the RRMS app including the delivery of an NHVR compliant report confirming that driver breaks meet NHVR requirements.

Critical to the success of this engagement was the successful partnering of WCLMS and MTM staff to conduct detailed strategic planning into the key deliverables and development of operationally-effective solutions.

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