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2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games

Fleet Operations & Administration Management System

Overview of Project 

The Fleet Operations & Administration Management Project required the development of a highly specialised transport booking, fleet operations and administration system to successfully deliver in excess of 400,000 individual trips per month utilising a fleet of 1400 vehicles operated by 2600 drivers and sub-contractors throughout the Greater South East Queensland area.

In 2017, WCL Management Services, utilising our Games LinQ brand, was directly approached by the organising committee for the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games to develop a transport management system that would support ground transport operations for this highly complex and diverse transport network.

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The Challenge

Network integration across 104 separate eligible agencies was critical to ensure flexibility in service delivery, the management of thousands of service changes and the system had to be simple to operate as a largely untrained volunteer workforce would be responsible for the day-to-day delivery of the transport task.

Capitalising on the experience within the WCLMS team of developing and managing these highly unique and diverse operations for major event transport services, immediate confirmation of scope was achieved and a project team immobilised to commence software development within an extremely limited timeframe. 


The Solution​​

  • Development of a dynamic mapping and route management system that was linked to every scheduled movement.

  • Development of a transport scheduling system capable of managing in excess of 104 unique internal agency movements.

  • Delivery a fleet management solution for 1400 vehicles that captures vehicle and driver information, allocates drivers to vehicles and vehicles to client services.

  • Provided a tracking solution that allowed the Transport Operations Centre with access to vehicle location and schedules in real-time based on user permission levels.

  • Successfully delivered a solution that will electronically notify drivers of their daily schedule, route changes, and general messaging in real time

  • Provided a solution that allows drivers with a GPS system to allow for effective and efficient navigation of the primary and alternative routes including the ability to change locations mid-service based on passenger requirements.

  • Provided a GPS tracking solution (including equipment) that provides visibility of all 1400 transport vehicles on routes. 

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