Rail LinQ Management System

The Rail LinQ Management System has been developed to manage Planned and Unplanned emergency outages in a real-time environment.

The RLMS utilises a web-based portal and is delivered via a customised mobile application. The web portal offers secure sign-on functionality and role-based access ensuring the logged in user only has access to relevant areas of the system.


A streamlined planned event creation process allows bus runs to be imported from a macro enabled spreadsheet which reduces the amount of manual work required to define trips. Other efficiencies have been developed including copying of occupation plans across multiple days, automated adjustments of future time fields when an arrive or departure time is altered, and the ability to generate detailed reports from a wide variety of data.

Unplanned events can be created quickly and easily which can be used in the event of a derailment, accident, traffic light issues or natural disasters. When following the creation process, it provides the user with the ability to specify the number of vehicles required and to define necessary stopping patterns. In-built workflow functionality has been custom built to notify relevant users via SMS and/or email at each step in the process, which ensures timely responses crucial for emergency outages.


Custom bus safe routes can be built directly within the portal which are used within the mobile application to provide navigation. These routes ensure vehicles will not be directed down a height or weight restricted road and uses the height details of the inputted vehicle to determine which route to use.

Driver Application

All services will been dispatched through the RLMS portal to a driver and their mobile device. Viewing the allocated service will be visible through the mobile application which is compatible with both Android and iOS. The driver will receive a SMS with instructions to log onto the app and commence.